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Mother and daughter startup of making pure sweets for offering to God

All sweets and bakery products are untouched and pure

Mother and daughter startup of making pure sweets for offering to God

In Hinduism, it is believed that whatever we offer to God should be pure and untouched, but chefs everywhere in the market make everything by tasting it. A mother daughter duo living in the Gorwa area of ​​Vadodara city think something different and began to make sweets that were clean and offered to God without tasting it. Moreover they prepare bakery items in similar way and delivered to customers in purest form.

Working on the philosophy of home made food, Dhara Vakharia get into this startup with her mother and founded to get more connected to people. "I was into product designing for ten years and then in 2018 I became an expert in bakery and pastry from the Academy of Pastry Arts in Bengaluru. Then I worked in Mumbai and in the year 2019 I started my startup called Backyard with my mother Kiran Vakharia. In which we make sweet and bakery products. Ever since I was a child, I saw my mother making different types of sweets to offer to God. It just so happened to me that I had to do something new in the food sector and with the help of family members I succeeded, " Said Dhara.

They make Mohanthal, Kesar Bundi Ladu, Khoprapak, Besan Ladu, Saffron Cardamom and Fresh Fruit Shrikhand. Along with this they make a wide range of brownies, chocolates, cakes and breads for the youth.

"In making each of these things we bring pure things. Because people still don't know the difference between cocoa butter and vegetable fat used in making chocolate which is why people suffer from diabetes. We make sure the proportion of ingredients be perfect while making sweet and it remains untouched till reaches to the customer. Today our products are being accepted by people from different states of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad, " added Dhara.

Presently they are running their startup business from their home and accept orders on phone and thought their website. They prepare Indian Mithais along with cakes and desserts. Dhara also introduced a weekend special for people which can be anything from sweet to bakery products and totally new. They are planning to have their own shop in future.

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