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Dr. Dipesh Thacker, Bhuj offers comprehensive and one of its kind treatment to resolve painful fissures and haemorrhoids in Gujarat

The occurrence of piles and haemorrhoids has been on the rise across the globe.

Dr. Dipesh Thacker, Bhuj offers comprehensive and one of its kind treatment to resolve painful fissures and haemorrhoids in Gujarat

The occurrence of piles and haemorrhoids has been on the rise across the globe. Also, people in the age group of 15 to 50 years are known to experience pain and discomfort when passing stool. Patients also complain of burning sensation and bleeding in the anal area.

Incidentally, this issue has increased manifold during the pandemic especially due to sedentary lifestyle during the pandemic, consumption of unhealthy low-fibre diet and even COVID preventive medicine without seeking proper medical guidance.

Apart from allopathic and surgical approach to treat this condition, Ayurveda also offers comprehensive fissure treatment that not only relives the patient but also prevents them from recurring through proper diet management and associated lifestyle changes.

Dr. Dipesh Thacker, founder and owner of the Akshar Hospital in Bhuj, Kutch in Gujarat states, 'Piles, fissures and haemorrhoids are caused by poor lifestyle especially long sitting hours, constipation, obesity and so on. I offer comprehensive and reliable ayurvedic piles treatment that relieves discomfort and pain experienced by the patients'.

Recently, he treated a 72 YO male patient suffering from bleeding haemorrhoids. He also felt the presence of round, non-reducible mass at anal verge. The patient felt throbbing anal pain and discomfort when passing bowels and sitting. The patient experienced bleeding a couple of times a day. The bleeding could occur anytime and hence his quality of life was affected. Also, he would be required to change his clothes a couple of times during the day.

Dr. Dipesh performed physical examination including per rectal examination and proctoscopy. After examining him, Dr. Dipesh Thacker suggested Chedan Karma and Sutra Ligationas piles treatment.

Chedan Karma refers to surgical excision procedure that is done conservative treatments have failed. This treatment takes care of bleeding, urinary retention, infection, and so on which affect the nerve supply within the rectal area. Sutra Ligation refers to a procedure in thread coated with herbal medicine is applied onto the internal and external piles area. In about 5 – 7 days, the withered piles fall off and the patient is relieved from discomfort. This treatment is highly effective with nearly 97% success rate.

Few days after receiving the treatment, the patient recovered well and his quality of life improved. Also, since he no longer experienced irregular anal bleeding, he felt healthier and more confident of himself.

Akshar Hospital has been founded by Dr. Dipesh Thacker in Bhuj, Gujarat to offers safe and reliable ayurvedic treatments to the people. The hospital is known for treated most complicated cases of Piles, Fissure in Ano, Fistulain Ano, Perianal Abscess, and Pilonidal Sinus conditions.

The hospital is equipped with latest digital imaging machines, audio and visual diagnosis coupled with cost-effective treatments. The patients can recover in air-conditioned rooms and use free Wi-Fi too. The Akshar Hospital is very transparent in its operations and costs. Moreover, the hospital is centrally located with accessibility to public transport service and food courts too.

Dr. Thacker is synonymous with offering the best piles treatment in Bhuj. He is a prolific doctor who years of experience and training in treating acute and chronic anorectal illnesses. Apart from his Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery degree, he has acquired a Masters in Ayurved Surgery - M. S. Shalyatantra from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik and Master in Proctology from the Center for Excellence in Minimal Access Surgery Training (ceMAST), Mumbai.

Dr. Thacker is an ayurvedic surgeon par excellence. He is known to offer piles treatment in Bhuj fissures and related conditions through minimally invasive surgeries that help the patient to recover fast and well too.

Dr. Dipesh Thacker is available for consultation and appointment at Akshar Hospital, Hospital Road, Bhuj, 370001, Gujarat or email at or call on +91-9429298871 ,02832-222871.

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