Hybrid fashion and Web3 vibe at Paris Fashion Week

Brands spread their magic in the ‘city of lights’ all over again

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Hybrid fashion and Web3 vibe at Paris Fashion Week

We’re on the final leg of the Autumn 2023 collections, so it's understandable if you’ve got season fatigue by Paris Fashion Week A/W’23.

When India is losing its soft sun-kissed weather, Parisian street style is brimming with mixed fashion from young and well-established designers to known TikTokers and influencers.

Brands spread their magic in the ‘city of lights’ all over again while many fashion giants got there to forage their fashion thirsts.

McCartney collection, Nicolas Ghesquière shows his “audacious tradition” at the L.V. Show. And Pierpaolo Piccioli welcomed Priyanka and Nick in a twin prints ensemble at Valentino.

Cartoonifying Puffy

Brands have puffed up their already existing designs to turn into A/W’23 collections. L.v. Turned their accessories into aired-up puffy petit purses while Prada followed the puffy anthem of cartoonifying their collection.

Clothing and accessories are better suited to puffed digital avatars than being normally textured. Jean Baudrillard, a French sociologist defined “hyperreality” as the inability to distinguish reality from its representation of it. 

Puffy cartoonification of fashion goods such as Prada’s puffy shoes and handbags or loafers that look more like playthings than functional objects as well as Loewe’s 8-bit hoodies seems perfectly crafted for a video game. 

The oversized big red boots by MSCHF have taken the internet’s all attention it's an abstraction that is Boing designers over reality.

Pixelated 3D Garments

A video game’s pixelated rendering of clothing, the inability to distinguish reality from web3 space, a concept that many brands like Loewe mine by bringing simulacra of real-life objects. 

As the boundaries continue to blur between the metaverse and physical clothing, it's no brainer that fashion is exploring the best of both and sailing in two boats of reality and virtual reality. 

Balenciaga’s stompers appear to have been designed in Rhino3D to look more like playful things than real clothing. Fashion lovers have an uncanny valley of virtual space in fashion to make the most of web3 space.

Lately, fashion has gone overboard when on the other side certain brands are trying to keep their feet grounded and choosing to keep it simple, many have tried to push the envelope and think outside the box to explore more into the fashion space. Paris Fashion Week did set the score offbeat. 

Clothes being less important, designers are going to new levels for big grabs making models walk down the runways in flames, garnering virality to gain more eyeballs.

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