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Expo 2020 Dubai hosts its first modest fashion day

Expo 2020 Dubai held its first modest fashion show

Expo 2020 Dubai hosts its first modest fashion day

Expo 2020 Dubai held its first modest fashion show. Spotlighting 20 Indonesian and two local UAE designers in the spirit of celebrating textiles, art and culture through a unique fashion collaboration.

Above, Itang Yunasz, one of the well-known Islamic fashion pioneers. Itang chose to dedicate the show to the traditional Sumba weaving cloth.

The Sumba's beauty is shown in the motifs seen in the tradition of handwoven textiles. Each individual fabric is composed of exquisite details that convey the practices of the area supported by bags from Wulan Gandanegara and shoes by Nefrin shoes.

With an aim to support Indonesian designers heavily affected by the pandemic and in efforts to form a long-term relationship between the Indonesia textiles sector and the UAE.

The Indonesia Modest Fashion Day event was held in the Indonesia Pavilion, encompassing a melting pot of the modest fashion industry of Indonesia and the UAE.

Besides the fashion shows, the event included a curated performance about Indonesian textiles and a mini-exhibition.

Roemah Kebaya Vielga- home of more than 20 local embroidery craftsmen. The brand focuses on manual embroidery, widely available in the Payakumbuh area, offering feminine soul, beautiful but bold, colourful flower embroideries ranging from soft to bold colours.

Fatih Indonesia provides daily men muslimwear with touch of Indonesian culture that directly sourced by Batik Artisan. A brand representing Men muslim lifestyle with elegant and contemporary style.

Dulce by Safiya: An iconic luxury fashion brand specializing in unique designs in the modest fashion space created by Safiya Abdallah. Affordable luxury items offer customizable pieces for every woman. Dulce collection will be made with traditional Indonesian textile by Putrimas and Tenun Pringgasela.

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