life threatening stunts to celebrate India win


Putting their lives on danger some youths in Vadodara celebrated the India win over Pakistan in the ICC Championship trophy on Sunday night. The people passing from the favourite hangout place Akota Dandiya Bazaar Bridge were shocked to see a young boy standing on the top of a moving car and enjoying. The deadly stunt could prove dangerous for the youth but putting behind all the fear he was seen dancing on the top of the car.

The arch rivals India and Pakistan match was the talk of the nation on that day and everyone looks into the match with different perspective. After India beat Pakistan with a big margin the celebrations begin everywhere including the cultural city Vadodara. However some of the youth thought to celebrate the moment in a different way by putting their lives in danger.

On the favourite Akota Dandiya Bazaar bridge some youths were captured doing dangerous stunts atop a car. One of the youth stand on the top of the moving car and celebrate and the others inside instead of stopping him inspired him to do more. The video went viral in the social media and people are shocked to see such life threatening stunts.

Taking laws in their hands the youths commit the stunts on top of the moving car putting their and other lives in danger. The youth who climbed on the top of the car was caught by the other two from inside to prevent him from fall down. However their celebration put the lives of themselves and the others in danger and now it’s up to the police for taking against the law breakers youths.


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