Your life is not cheap like a test paper: Akshay


The rising incidents of suicide among youngsters is alarming situation to deal. Everyday many youngsters commit suicide due to stress from studies or other reasons and left behind their parents whose dreams were shattered. A video of Akshay kumar went viral these days in which he requested the youngsters to love life and live stressfree.

In the video posted by the khiladi kumar himself is a selfie video where he give an example of himself which turned his life. Akshay said that its a previlige and the most happiest moment of his life to receive his first national award from the hands of President of India. He said when the announcement was made he was talking to his mother and remembering an incident of his childhood.

He said he failed in his exams and while taking the report card back home he was thinking about the beating from his father. However his father sits alongside him and asked him about his interest in life and what he wants to become. He said that he wants to be a sportsperson and his father agreed and said that in between also think about the studies also. The incident changed his life and he learned Marshal arts, get into modelling and started acting. Akshay said that if his father didn’t listen to him and lead him to know about his strengths then he never think about the national award.

He further said in the video that there is a reason behind the story as nowdays he listens and read about the youngsters commit suicide due to stress and they last their battle with life. He said that every year nearly 8 lakh people commit suicide in the world and out of them One and half lakhs are from India. He said the reason behind such extreme steps are stress in education and relationship. The life is not so cheap that one can just end it due to stress. If that is the thing then why not go to the borders and give their lives to the country, added Akshay Kumar.

He said the incidents of suicide hurts him a lot as the youngsters are not thinking about their parents who give their lives to raise him or her and they don’t even think about them before taking such steps. He also requested the parents to listen to their children and aksed them about their problems and tried to sort it out rather than stick on to the mobiles. He said there is no shame to take the children to mental doctor or councillor to know the reason of the stress and try to sort it out.

Finally he said that at the end the people has to decide and throw out their stress by talking to their friends and family. He ended up with a Shayari written outside a heart surgery center posted by his friend on Whatsapp. “Dil Khol lete yarron ke saath to aaj nahi kholna padta auzaaro ke saath”. He requested all to promise him to find the solution of the tension which is not suicide.


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