A leopard was caught inside the cage put by the forest department at Kalyan dairy farm near Ramnath village at Por in Vadodara district. The owner of the farm informed the forest department after the leopard pulled one of the calf inside the farm house few days ago.

As per the details the Kalyan dairy farm has 70 to 80 cows in their captivity and few days earlier a leopard pulled one calf from the herd. The frightened owner Paresh Patel informed the forest department about the incident and they in return kept a cage at a open space near the farm.

The forest department don’t have to wait for long as on Wednesday morning the leopard strayed there and caught inside the cage kept there. As the news spread the local residents rushed to the spot to watch the leopard. Varnama police also reached the spot and helped the forest department to load the cage and pack.



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