The nine days longest dance festival in the world is about to start and the revellers are trying new ways to design their costumes to look different in the crowd. Colourful LED lights glowing dresses are in craze this year and the same can be controlled by a mobile application.

Three youths from Vadodara Vikash Khatri (artist), Smit Bhanushali (Technology) and Shweta Joshi (marketing professional) hails from different backgrounds comes up with the idea of LED Kurtas and Chaniya Cholis which can be controlled through a mobile application. The multicolored lights also highlight the different emotions and the revelers can control it through their mobiles.

LED “We are working together on the technology which the youths like the most as its gives them the different from the crowd look. The LED lights are connected together with very thin wires and attached with the circuit and the battery. The mechanism is such that the lights will glow and can be controlled by the reveller with the help of a mobile application. What is interesting is that they have the option to change the lights as per their moods” said Vikash Khatri.

LED The trio organised a workshop in the city where the participants were taught the technology of implanting LED lights on the garba dresses. This year they designed some 15 dresses with the concept and now planning to take it further and conceptualize it. The dress carries LED series, eight pencil cells and chip which the reveler can control it manually as well as through the mobile application.