National Safety Day 2021

Inspired everyone and give message of safe vaccination

During the crisis of the Corona pandemic, doctors and the health system used their knowledge and experience to rescue the victims of this unexpected and unknown disease, risking infection and serving the health of the people. They were considered the top Corona fighters.

Similarly, the district administration, municipal administration and city district police have been able to properly enforce all the rules issued by Government of India and State Government to control this contagious disease without fear and provide appropriate assistance to all, including the elderly who are having difficulty in lock down. During this duty many of these karmayogis suffered from the disease and some lost their lives. These people were considered front line Corona Warriors.

Vaccination of front line Corona Warriors has been started in the district along with the state from today after health workers. On Sunday the leaders of the city district administration, police system and Vadodara Municipal Corporation administration gave a persuasive example after leading from the front. They all get vaccinated and conveyed the message of safe vaccine to everyone.

Dr. Vinod Rao, Officer on Special Duty and Education Secretary, after the vaccination at Sayaji Hospital, said, vaccination is the beginning of the end of the Corona pandemic. He request everyone to get vaccinated without fear, he said that India has one of the most effective and planned vaccinations in the world.

District Collector Shalini Agarwal administered the vaccine at Sayaji Hospital. Expressing the feeling that the vaccine is very safe and secure, she requested that from today onwards the front line corona warriors of district administration, police and corporations in all the districts of the state should be vaccinated. So all the people participate in it and make this campaign a success.

Commissioner of Vadodara Municipal Corporation P. Swaroop was vaccinated at Sayaji Hospital along with fellow high officials. He said it is important for everyone to get vaccinated during their turn. The vaccine is safe and secure. In the second phase, front line warriors are being vaccinated from today.

After being vaccinated at Sayaji Hospital, city police commissioner Dr. Shamsher Singh said the vaccine is safe. Giving the message that everyone should be vaccinated, he said that in the next four to five days, all the officers, employees and personnel of the city police will be vaccinated as front line corona warriors.

Harikrishna Patel, Inspector General of Police, Vadodara Range, administered the corona vaccine at the Community Health Center at Por in the district. He said about not having any problem after getting vaccinated. Requesting every Corona Warrior to get vaccinated as soon as possible, he said that vaccination of Corona has been planned on a very large scale and accurately.0

Before the corona vaccine was administered today at the government hospital in Por, the district superintendent of police, Dr. Sudhir Desai took it and encouraged the officers and Jawans. He said the vaccine is very safe and will continue to be very effective in the fight against corona in the near future.

Extensive and accurate planning of vaccination of Front Line Warriors in the district was held under the leadership of Dr. Surendra Jain chief district health officer. He and Additional Chief District Health Officer Dr. Udaykumar Tilawat inspected the vaccination at Por.

The district’s divisional deputy superintendent of police and Jawans also vaccinated themselves with a smile on their faces.


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