It’s a eventful start for the new court as the protesting lawyers ransack the furniture Inside the court premises pressing their demand of ample sitting arrangements for them. There was verbal altercations between the lawyers and police Inside as they protest their presence in their matter.

On Saturday CM Vijay Rupani inaugurated the new court premises along with dignitaries from Gujarat High court and ministers from the government. After the inauguration it was a eventful start of the first day for lawyers in the new court premises as they protest against not providing proper sitting arrangements to them. They demand for more tables like the old court premises and that starts the protest.

The lawyers protest turned violent as they broke furniture and other things inside the court. The lawyers also went into heated verbal altercations with the police present inside and shouted slogans against them. In the whole incident the people having their dates on Monday suffers the most as they don’t have any idea what to do in such a situation.

In view of the tense situation extra police forces were deployed to maintain peace inside the court premises. Senior police officials also reached the premises to review the security arrangements and said the deployment will be there till the issue get resolved.


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