Kurtas and kurtis are the quintessential clothing for most Indian women. They are great garments to wear across ages right from toddlers to grannies in their nineties. They are versatile and are comfortable. Some of them can be grand and some simple, yet some others can be elegant and a few more show-stopping. There is a kurta for every occasion. Naturally, a favorite task for most Indian women would be to shop ladies kurtis online or offline.

5 Latest Kurtis Designs for Women

Women’s kurtas online shopping is fun when you know about some of the trendiest kurtas or kurtis to wear. Without this precious knowledge, it is near impossible to avoid buying repetitive designs or patterns. Here are a few styles that you should check out when you want to shop ladies kurtis online or offline.  Before we venture further to understand the various styles, lets understand and accept that all these styles are over and above the comfortable and most common salwar kameez style. This is a classic design that has stood the test of time and will be there on the kurta/kurti scene for a long time to come.

Shirt Kurti

A relatively new style, the shirt kurta is quite popular among college students. Akin to a regular shirt, this style of kurta can come in the variants of with collar and without. The overall design is pretty much like a shirt but the length of this garment is longer than that of a shirt; where a shirt stops at the waist, this style of kurta draws further down almost to the knees. It looks trendy and can be paired with palazzos, regular cut pants, leggings and jeggings.

Tunic Style Kurti

Tunic style kurtis are a perfect blend between the traditional and the contemporary. They are mostly made with cloth that slides on and off smoothly. The designs and motifs used are a blend of traditional techniques with a modern look. They are great for parties and special occasions.

Jacket Style Kurti

The jacket style kurti is another trendier version of the kurta/kurti. Jackets can be long or short. They can be similar to a shrug or a coat. They can come with print, hand work or can be made of simple elegant fabric. Jackets can also be withandworkh or without sleeves, though the sleeveless version is the most commonly seen.These type of kurtis goes great with both palazzo and trendy leggings for women. This style of kurta is great for all kinds of occasions.

Overlay Kurta

Overlay kurtas are a trendier addition to the list of stylish kurtas. The overlay essentially means multiple layers usually in colors or patterns that are complementary. The layers top one on the other and give an elegant look. They are great for work, casual outing or a simple party.

Tiered Kurta

The tiered kurta is a regular frock kurta but with horizontal strips of two different colors or patterns of cloth. These kurtas look like a multi-tier cake in terms of their overall design. They are great for women who have a slender figure and need some volume.


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