A sad and heartfelt incident happened near Vadodara where a lady lost her life after she tried to save her blind dog from the upcoming train. The incident happened at Bhatkuva where a railway line is passing by and the lady was on her morning walk. She left behind her two innocent children.

Bhavna Makwana 32 was living in 117 Sainath Society Bhatkuva area near the city. Her husband Pravin Makwana said that due to over weight her wife went to morning walk daily with three street dogs which she is taking care of.


Pravin Makwana further said that he is doing paper distribution and as per his routine around 2.30 to 3 am went to Raopura for collecting papers. He also calls his wife at 6 amdaily and wake her. On Saturday his wife woke up before his call and also his two children Mitang 3 and Dipanshu 6 and make them ready for the school. Later she told him that she was going out for her morning walk.

The unconsolable Pravin Makwana said that when he reached home around 6.30 am his dogs were sitting silently. After seeing him the dogs tried to give some hint but he went inside and called his wife. However after not finding her anywhere he went to the nearby railway tracks and found the body of her wife near the tracks. The Manjalpur police also reached the spot and took custody of the body.

Pravin Makwana further said that out of the three dogs one is blind and he walk with the help of smell. He fear that might be the same dog went to the railway tracks and her wife tried to save the dog and knocked down by the train. His two children lost their mother and now Pravin Makwana feel that how to raise them is the biggest challenge in front of him.