Well known Sabir Kanuga from Hansot died in private firing


Two groups of same community clashed violently in Hansot where one of the leading residents Sabir Kanuga died after hit by a bullet. The violent clashes lead to private firing and the bullet was hit on the head of Kanuga and he died of severe injuries.

As per the details there was heated argument between Sabir Kanuga and son of Pappu Khokhar in Hansot market. The arguments took ugly turn and soon turned into heated violence between the two groups of the same community.

As the groups clashed son of Pappu Khokhar fired from his private weapon which hit Sabir Kanuga on head. He was immediately rushed to the hospital but as per the sources he breathed his last during intensive treatment at the hospital.

After the incident the situation is tense in Hansot and heavy police bandobast was there to avoid any untoward incident. As per the sources the police  also started patrolling to avoid situation getting out of their hands.


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