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ARIES – Today your confidence will grow and advancement is certain. Avoid overspending and dubious financial schemes. Someone may try to cause you some harm-With strong forces working against you- you should avoid actions-which could lead to confrontations- If you ever want to settle your score then it should be done in a dignified way. Control your passion it may put your love affair in jeopardy. Good day to start a new venture in partnership. All are likely to be benefited. But think before joining hands with partners. A day for cautious moves- when your mind would be needed more than your heart. Your plans might get disturbed due to an unexpected guest, but it will make your day.

TAURUS – Share the family problems with your wife. Spend some amount of time for each other to rediscover and reaffirm yourself as a loving nurturant couple. Your children too will catch the vibrations of joys and peace harmony at home. This will give you greater spontaneity and freedom in your interaction with each other. Use what you already have before rushing out to buy more. Rituals will be performed at home. Your partner will be upset if you do not pay enough attention to him or her. Tempers will mount if you are too pushy at work- Try to understand the need of others before you take any decisions. Favorable planets will bring you plenty of reasons to feel pleased today. An old issue might crop up in between you two during a humorous discussion, which will eventually convert into an argument.

GEMINI – Evening with friends will be pleasant but take care as excessive eating could upset your next morning. Be secretive about your investments and about your future goals. Family responsibilities will mount- bringing tension on your mind. Your beloved will seem a bit irritated- which will add pressure on your mind. Don’t wait for things to happen-go out and search for new opportunities. Do not reveal information that is personal and confidential. You will have a beautiful romantic day, but some health issues might trouble.

CANCER – Some tensions due to legal matters likely. Financial problems ruin your ability to think constructively. Relatives bring you unexpected gifts but also expect some kind of help from you. Romance takes a beating as minor differences might erupt. You could ruin your project if you are too open about your plans. Be polite and charming to every one whosoever stands in your way-Only a selected few will know the secret behind your magic charms. The day might pull you in the dilemma of choosing between your spouse and something/someone else.

LEO – Religious feelings will arise making you visit a religious place to seek some divine knowledge from a holy person. You will have problems hanging on to your money today- You are likely to overspend or misplace your wallet- Some losses due to carelessness are certain. Children help you complete household jobs. Love is always soulful, and you will experience this today. You need to put your intelligence and influence to sort matters at work. Good day to visit a lawyer to take some legal advice. If you and your spouse are not feeling very happy these days, you are going to have mad fun today.

VIRGO – Selfish behavior of a friend or an acquaintance would disturb your mental peace. Good day for real estate and financial transactions. Be careful not to pickup an argument with someone you live- Conflicting issues if any- should be solved amicably. The absence of your beloved may make your heart tender. Don’t hand over important files to your boss until you are sure that it is complete in all respects. Travel will be beneficial but expensive. This might be one of the toughest days of your married life. So, stay aware.

LIBRA – Keep an eye on your weight and do not indulge in overeating. Use your innovative idea to make some extra money. Children spend more time on sports and other outdoor activities. You show your love inspire of hatred of beloved. Defer new project and expenses. You need to remember that god helps those who help themselves. Your spouse might tell you some not-so-good things about being with you today.

SCORPIO – Umpteen nervous breakdowns could weaken your resistance and thinking power. Encourage yourself to fight the disease with positive thinking. Investment in stocks and mutual funds recommended for long-term gains. The problems of a friend could make you feel bad and worried. Power of love gives you a reason to love. Interacting with eminent people will bring you good ideas and plans. A sparkling laughter filled day when most things proceed-as you desire. Your spouse will come to you with some beautiful words today describing your value in his/her life.

SAGITTARIUS –  A very good day from health point of view. Your cheerful state of mind will give you the desired tonic and keep you confident. Be careful not to get roped into dubious financial deals. Travel program made well in advanced might get postponed due to the health problems in the family. Today you will feel the fragrance of your friend in his absence. Complete pending work before your boss takes a note of it. Pleasure trip will be satisfying. Your spouse is really in a good mood today. You might get a surprise.

CAPRICORN Creative hobbies will keep you relaxed. You would be taken for a ride if you behave too generous with your finances. Organize an evening with friends as well as family members. You will cherish the spice of exotica in your sweet love life today. Use your judgment before you sign up for any costly venture. If travelling make sure you carry all-important documents. Today, roses will look redder and violets will look bluer because intoxication of love is giving you a high.

AQUARIUS – Take the support of family members to relieve from your tension. Accept their help gracefully. You must not bottle up feelings and pressure within. Sharing your problems frequently would help you. Today instead of just sitting around-why not get involved in something- which will improve your earning power. Old friends would be supportive and helpful. Try to be a realist in your affair. Good day to start a new venture in partnership. All are likely to be benefited. But think before joining hands with partners. Good news most likely from a distant place expected by late evening. Married life is sometimes really demanding. If you don’t fulfill the demands, you bear the consequences. So, be aware.

PISCES – Attend some social gathering to change your mood. Control your tendency to live for the day and to spend too much time and money on entertainment. You should avoid controversial issues that could cause arguments with loved ones. You need to be in your best behavior- because it won’t take much to upset your lover today. Your progress at work might get adversely affected today due to your short-temper, just don’t lose patience. You need to move out and rub elbows with people at high places. Your spouse might become insensitive toward your health today.


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