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ARIES – Don’t self medicate as chances of drug dependency may increase. New moneymaking opportunities will be lucrative. Excellent day to plan out things for your progeny. You would meet the person who loves you more than his life. Good day to send your resume or appear for an interview. Travel undertaken for business purpose will prove to be beneficial in the long run. Your spouse will do something really special for you today.

TAURUS – Motivate yourself to be more optimistic. It increases confidence and flexibility but at the same time prepare it to leave negative emotions like fear hatred jealousy revenge. Don’t be lured into dubious money ventures-Investment should be handled with extreme care. This is not the day to dominate or do things that might start some trouble. Romantic entanglement will add spice to your happiness. Your loyalty and your ability to get things done with perfection will bring you recognition. Tension filled day when several differences might crop up with close associates. Today, you will spend the best time of your life with your spouse.

GEMINI –  Cultivate a harmonious nature to kill your hatred because it is more powerful than love and deadly affects your body. Remember evil triumphs sooner than good. Your creative talents will prove to be highly lucrative if put to proper use. Good advice from family members will bring gains to you today. Love life going to take a turn for the better as you develop a good You will benefit from the changes occurring at work. Dedicate your time and energy in helping others- but don’t get involved in matters that doesn’t concern you at all. Today, you will realize that your marriage had never been so beautiful.

CANCER –. Elders need to put their extra energy into positive use to reap good benefits. Sudden inflow of funds takes care of your bills and immediate expenses. There will be an important development on your personal front which will bring jubilation for you and your entire family. Past happy memories will keep you busy. Making sincere efforts in the right direction will definitely bring good rewards. Rash driving and risk should not be taken while on the road. Looks like, you are going to spend a lot of money today with your spouse, but will have a super-awesome time..

LEO – Your rash behaviour may spoil the relationship with wife. Think the repercussions of your behaviour before doing anything silly. If possible go away to change your mood. You will make some extra cash today if you play your cards well. People you live with will not be very happy with you- regardless of what you do to please them. Romance suffers and even your precious gifts/presents do not do the magic today. Those appearing for competitive exam need to keep their cool. Let the examination fear not unnerve you. Your effort would definitely bring positive result. Travelling will not bring immediate results but will lay down good foundation for future benefits. Some of your works might get hampered today due to the disturbed health of your spouse.

VIRGO – Keep yourself involved in activities that will help you keep your cool. Someone with big plans and ideas will catch your attention- Verify the credibility and authenticity of the person before making any investments. Good day to give some of your time to others. Your work will take a backseat- as you find comfort- pleasure and extreme ecstasy in the arms of your beloved. Adapt to new techniques to increase your work efficiency-Your style and unique ways of doing things will interest people who are watching you closely. Efforts made to improve your looks and personality will turn out to your satisfaction. Frustration will increase between you and your love partner due to the lack of time.

LIBRA –  Don’t drink alcohol as it may upset your sleep and prevent you from deep rest. Don’t make investments in haste-Losses are certain if you don’t look at investments from all possible angles. Your unnecessary finding faults in others could be criticised by relatives. You must realize that it is only wastage of time. You don?t gain anything from this. Better to change your habit. Ecstasy of soulful love will be felt today. Spare some time for it. Today you can pick up additional responsibility that will lead to higher wages and a better position. Watch out for individual who might try to mislead you or give you information that might cause you some harm. Rain is known for romance and you will feel the similar ecstasy with your life partner throughout the day

SCORPIO – Friends will introduce you to somebody special who would have a remarkable influence on your thoughts. You will be in the mood to travel and spend money- but you will be sorry if you do. You will expand your base of friends and acquaintances if you participate in social functions and events. Absence of love may be felt today. Your partner will be hard to deal with. Travel will be beneficial but expensive. You might feel lack of attention from your spouse, but at the end of the day you will realize that he/she was busy just for making the arrangements for you.

SAGITTARIUS Take proper care about your diet especially migraine patients who should not miss their meal otherwise it could give them undue emotional stress. Today’s formula for success is to put your money on the advice of people who are innovative and hold good experience. An old friend makes an unexpected visit bringing back pleasant memories. Romance suffers as mood of your darling might oscillate today. You might do something really awesome at work today. Excellent day for social as well as religious functions. Your spouse might act a bit crazy with you. Don’t let your patience get disturbed.

CAPRICORN Get rid the feeling of isolation and loneliness by spending your time with your family. Investment needs to be made with a long-term perspective. Friends would be supportive but minor problems due to difference of opinion with your spouse might mar the peace at home. Emotional disturbances could trouble you. Bold steps and decisions would bring favourable rewards. Travelling will not bring immediate results but will lay down good foundation for future benefits. You might face a tough time in your marriage today..

AQUARIUS – Victory celebrations will give you tremendous joy. You can share this happiness with friends to enjoy your joy. Sudden unexpected expenses might exert financial pressure. You will feel disgusted today when you discover that someone you have always trusted is not very honest with you. Your beloved will seek commitment- Do not make promise that you will find difficult to keep. Good day to send your resume or appear for an interview. Choose your words with care when interacting with important people. Health of your spouse may keep you worried.

PISCES –  You might find it difficult to control your emotions-Your unusual behaviour will confuse people around you and leave you frustrated. Improvement in finances is certain. Social activity with your family would keep everybody in a relaxed and pleasant mood. Your love life will bring you something really really awesome today. Looks like your seniors at work are acting angelic today. A day when changes might be made at the last minutes to your plans. Today, your spouse will make you feel that you are the only one in the world.


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