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ARIES – Give every man an ear you might find solution of your problems. Even though funds will slip easily through your fingers – you’re lucky stars will keep the finances flowing. Good advice from family members will decrease your mental pressure. Don’t bend to unnecessary demands of your love. If you consider applying for a job overseas- then today seems to be a lucky day. Today you would be full of good ideas and your choice of activities will bring you gains far beyond your expectations

TAURUS –  You are likely to enjoy some sporting activity which will maintain your physical fitness. Surplus money should be invested in real estate. Some changes at home could lead to problems with loved ones .Likely to feel the presence in absence of your partner. Journey undertaken for better career prospects may materialize. Take your parental permission before doing so otherwise they may object later on. Loss or theft may occur if you are careless with your belongings.

GEMINI – Don’t waste your time in building castle in the air. Rather conserve your energy to do something meaningful. Improvement in finances will make it convenient for you to make important purchases. Family front seems to go smoothly and you can expect full support to your plans. Your love relationship is turning magical; just feel it. Great day to implement new projects and plans. Travel will be beneficial but expensive. There are high chances that love between you and your spouse might erode.

CANCER – Do not allow the feeling of frustration overtake you. Money position will improve later in the day. Children need to concentrate on studies and plan for the future. Your relationship with your lover might suffer today due to some misunderstandings. You need to remember that love is a serious business , so don’t take it for granted If you believe that time is money then you should take necessary steps to reach your highest potential.

LEO –  Cold attitude of a friend may offend you. But try to keep your cool. Let it not torment you rather strive to avoid misery. Speculation will bring in profits. Your extravagant lifestyle could cause tensions at home so avoid late nights and spending too much on others. Shirking household duties and squabbling over money may damage your marital Good day to start a new venture in partnership. All are likely to be benefited. But think before joining hands with partners. Perfect time to put new ideas into test. It might become a really difficult day of your married life.

VIRGO – Try to get out of your office early for some recreation. You will make money if you put your savings into conservative investments. is time for you to realise that anger is short-madness and it can force you to One-sided infatuation will only bring you heartache. Changes at work will be for the better. Someone from your past is likely to contact you and make it a memorable day. Your spouse might push you to go out when you are in no mood or vice versa, which will eventually make you feel irritated.

LIBRA – Unhappiness may be the cause of physical and mental illness. Simply ignore those who approach you for temporary loans. Don’t bring office tension to your home. It could mar your family happiness. It is better to deal the problem in office itself and enjoy your family life. Your love life will bring you something really really awesome today. You will learn new things if you attend seminars and lectures. Secret enemies will be eager to spread rumors about you.

SCORPIO – Good day filled with happiness. You will like to overspend on others. Your loved ones are happy and you should plan something with them for the evening. Unable to cross the social  barriers. It looks as if you’re on your own for a while-colleagues/ associates may come to your aid- but will not be able to provide much assistance. Travel will be beneficial but expensive

SAGITTARIUS – Don’t depend on fate try to improve your health as fortunate is a lazy goddess Control your tendency to live for the day and to spend too much time and money on entertainment. Gift from an overseas relative will make you happy. Your erratic behavior will cause differences with your beloved. Your colleagues will understand you better today than every day. Efforts made to improve your looks and personality will turn out to your satisfaction. You will realize the depth of your partner’s love for you, as the time seems hard for you from a certain aspect.

CAPRICORN – Difference of opinion with a friend may make you short-tempered. You must control your emotions to avoid unnecessary tension. Expenditure rises but rise in income takes care of your bills. You will be somewhat irritated with the behavior of the people around you today. Befriend after proper knowledge and understanding. This is an excellent time for developing professional contacts in other countries. Perfect time to put new ideas into test.

AQUARIUS – Divine knowledge from a saintly man provides solace and comfort. Finances will definitely get a boost- but at the same time expenditures too will be on the rise. Your knowledge and good humor would impress people around you. You will catch the eye of a special someone-if you move about within your group. Enroll yourself into short-term programs that will help you learn latest technologies and skills. Do not reveal information that is personal and confidential.

PISCES – Don’t rush onto decision on a momentary impulse it may harm the interest of your children. Financial hassles will be eased out with the help of your friends. You might not agree to everything your family member’s say- but you should try to learn from their experience. You must convey your message to your sweetheart as it may be very late tomorrow. Journey undertaken for better career prospects may materialize. Take your parental permission before doing so otherwise they may object later on. Do not reveal information that is personal and confidential.


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