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ARIES – Blood pressure patients could take the help of red wine to lower their blood pressure and keep cholesterol under control. It will further relax them. Do not invest in joint ventures and dubious financial schemes. Family members will be upset with you because of your reckless behavior. Emotional disturbances could trouble you. It is a favorable day; utilize the best of it at work. You will use your hidden qualities to make the best of the day.

TAURUS – In spite of your high spirits you will be missing someone who couldn’t be with you today. You will make substantial gains if you invest on long-term basis. Quarrel with a neighbour would spoil your mood. But don’t lose your temper because it would only add fuel in the fire. No one can quarrel with you if you non-cooperate. Strive to maintain cordial relations. You will be popular and easily attract members of the opposite sex. Your seniors might not understand your points today.

GEMINI – Your biggest asset is your sense of humor try to use it to cure your illness. Bank dealing need to be handled very carefully. Children might seek your help to complete school projects. Your work will take a backseat- as you find comfort- pleasure and extreme ecstasy in the arms of your beloved. You will be honored for some of your good deeds today at work.

CANCER – You are likely to enjoy some sporting activity which will maintain your physical fitness. Someone with big plans and ideas will catch your attention- Verify the credibility and authenticity of the person before making any investments. Over indulgence in outdoor activities at the cost of studies could invite the wrath of your parents. Planning career is as important as games. Better to balance both to please your parents. Today your love blooms to show what a beautiful deed you have done. Today you will have a hidden adversary who will love to prove you wrong. You are likely to pick up a nice dress material for yourself if you go for shopping today.

LEO – Nature has bestowed remarkable confidence and intelligence in you- so use it to its best. Dig deep beneath the surface to find out more about the investment scheme that seems to be attracting you- Consult your experts before making any commitment. Encourage a healthy relationship with your children. Put the past behind and look forward to bright and happy times ahead. Your effort will prove fruitful. Good day for romance. You will feel that your creativity has been lost and you find it extremely difficult to make decisions. You need to move out and rub elbows with people at high places.

VIRGO – It is high time for you to realize that mental enemy’s lower the disease-resisting power of body therefore do not allow any unwanted thoughts in mind. You will be presented with many new financial schemes today-Weigh the pros and cons carefully before making any commitment. Family members or spouse will cause some tensions. Likely to share candyfloss and toffees with beloved on the cards. Today, you might get to know at work that the one you considered as your enemy is actually your well-wisher.  

LIBRA – Be cautious while drinking and eating. Carelessness could make you sick. Not a good day to make investments and go in to the speculation. Auspicious day for giving and receiving gifts from those you love. Change your nature of keep falling in love everyday. With little obstacles-this seems to be a day of great achievements- Watch for colleagues who might tend to be moody if they don’t get what they want. Do not feel shy when asked for your opinion-as you will be highly appreciated for it. Your neighbors might try to trouble your married life, but it’s difficult to shake your bond with each other.

SCORPIO – Health of your spouse may cause reason for stress and anxiety. Financial gains-which were expected today-get delayed. It is high time to change your dominating attitude in family. Work in close cooperation with them to share the ups and downs of life. Your changed attitude will give them unlimited joy. Your beloved will be difficult to please. Your determination and confidence will be high and you will perform better than expected. Do not reveal information that is personal and confidential.

SAGITTARIUS – You may fail to live up to your family expectations. No matter how hard you try-you will not be able to fulfill everyone’s demand. It is better to concentrate yourself to focus your attention and not to lose heart. Uncertainty regarding finances will create tension on your mind. Overall a beneficial day but someone you think you can trust will let you down. You can experience the pain of love. Success and recognition would be yours if you stay focused on your job. A day for cautious moves- when your mind would be needed more than your heart.

CAPRICORN – Your enormous confidence and easy work schedule brings you enough time to relax today. You will have problems hanging on to your money today- You are likely to overspend or misplace your wallet- Some losses due to carelessness are certain. No need to worry about child’s studies. At the moment you must be facing some problems but these are momentary and will wither away with the time. You need to spend time with your beloved to know and understand each other better. You might have an upper hand on everything at work today. Travel plans if any-might gets postponed due to last minute changes in your schedule.

AQUARIUS – If you haven’t been taking sufficient rest then you will feel extremely tired and will need extra rest. Control your tendency to live for the day and to spend too much time and money on entertainment. Children would assist you in completing your household duties. Encourage them to do these kinds of activities in their spare time. Erratic behavior of your darling might make your mood upset. It is a favorable day, utilize the best of it at work. Excellent day for social as well as religious functions.

PISCES – Health remains good. Put your extra money in a safe place that will promise you returns in times to come. Family members may not fulfil your expectations. Don’t expect them to work according to your whims and fancies rather try to change your style to seize the initiative. Today you will miss true love in your life. Don’t worry everything changes with time so will your romantic life. Take care of what happens around you- Someone might take credit for the work done by you today.


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