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ARIES – Keep your patience as your continuous effort coupled with common sense and understanding will guarantee your success. Do not invest in joint ventures and dubious financial schemes. Friends will offer you good advice regarding your personal life. Love life brings hope your colleagues might invite you for a small get-together after work. Today you will get lot of interesting invitations- and a surprise gift could also be coming your way.

TAURUS – Outings-parties and pleasure jaunts will keep you in good mood today. Sudden inflow of funds takes care of your bills and immediate expenses. Domestic life will be peaceful and adorable Love is in the air for you. Just look around, everything is pink. Someone might treat you today with something nice at work. A day when changes might be made at the last minutes to your plans.

GEMINI – Do not allow the feeling of frustration overtake you. You will make good money today- but try not to let it slip through your fingers. You will make favorable changes in your home environment. Be original in your appearance and behavior when you go out with your lover. You will gain knowledge if you spend some time in the company of experienced people. Choose your words with care when interacting with important people. .

CANCER – Tooth ache or stomach upset may create some problems for you. Take a physician’s advice to get relief immediately. Money gains from unplanned sources brighten up your day. Control your tongue as it could hurt the sentiments of your grandparents. It is better to remain silent than waste your time in babbling. Remember we give meaning to life through sensible activities. Let them feel you care for them. Don’t indulge in eve-teasing today. You might see advancement in your work today.

LEO – motions will run high- Your behavior will confuse people around you- Frustration could grip you as you seek immediate results. Even though funds will slip easily through your fingers- you’re lucky stars will keep the finances flowing. Purchase of essential items for the kitchen keeps you busy in the evening. Romance suffers as mood of your darling might oscillate today. It is going to be your day at work! You need to move out and rub elbows with people at high places.

VIRGO – don’t drink alcohol as it may upset your sleep and prevent you from deep rest. Real estate investment would be lucrative. You need to be patient with children or those who are less experienced than you are. Quite complicated life for romance today. Things might turn really awesome for you at work today, if you just said a “Hello” to the one who hates you. Travel and educational pursuits will enhance your awareness.

LIBRA – Be an optimistic and look at the brighter side. Your confident expectations open the door for realization of your hopes and desires. Someone with big plans and ideas will catch your attention- Verify the credibility and authenticity of the person before making any investments. Your ability to impress others will bring rewards. Your beloved brings you immense romantic pleasure even as work pressure occupies your mind Enroll yourself into short-term programs that will help you learn latest technologies and skills. Seminars and exhibitions will provide you with new knowledge and contacts.

SCORPIO – Company of humorous relatives will lessen your tension and give you the much-needed relief. You are fortunate to have these kinds of relatives. Simply ignore those who approach you for temporary loans. Be generous in your approach to sort personal matters, but guard your tongue to prevent hurting those who love and care for you. Don’t be aggressive while going out for shopping with your beloved. An important project-which you have been working on for a long time-is delayed. Be careful not to make harsh comments in case you are pushed into an argument.

SAGITTARIUS – Your low vitality will act like chronic poison in the system. It is better to keep yourself engage in some creative work and keep on motivating to fight the disease. Although your financial position improves but the outflow of money will still create hindrance in executing your projects. Children need to concentrate on studies and plan for the future. Sharing food with beloved in candlelight. Professional advancements for some . You will receive important invitation from unexpected sources.

CAPRICORN – You might receive false information which will bring mental pressure. Watch your tendency to live for the day and to spend too much on entertainment. If you are planning to have a party then invites your best friends- There will be lot of people who will be cheering you up. A good communication or a message from your beloved or spouse will enhance your morale today. Your stars will give you extraordinary powers today- so take decisions that are important and crucial for long term gains. You need to move out and rub elbows with people at high places.

AQUARIUS – Today you might have to face several tensions and difference of opinion that will make you feel irritated and uneasy. Money position improves as delayed payments are recovered. A letter by post brings happy news for the entire family. Don’t clamor loud about love affair. Your colleagues might invite you for a small get-together after work. Take care of your action and words as authority figure will be less understanding if you do something deceitful.

PISCES – Avoid a selfish person today as he can give you some tension. Today’s formula for success is to put your money on the advice of people who are innovative and hold good experience. Right time to disclose ambition to your parents. They will fully support you. You also need to focus and make sure to work hard to achieve this. Good day for romance.


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