ARIES – All investments need to be made carefully and with proper consultation to avoid unnecessary losses Your knowledge and good humour would impress people around you. Today you are going to make blind love possible to get. Today is a day for high performance and high profile. Not a very good day for traveling. Your partner might do something fabulous unintentionally, which will be really unforgettable.

TAURUS – It is better to keep yourself engage in some creative work and keep on motivating to fight the disease. Expenditure rises but rise in income takes care of your bills. Friends will invite you over to their place for an enjoyable evening. Apologize for your rude behaviour in love. New ventures will be alluring and promise good returns. A day for cautious moves- when your mind would be needed more than your heart. If you ignored small demands of your life-partner today like temptations for delicacies or just a hug, he/she might get hurt.

GEMINI – You should treat others the way you would like to be treated yourself. Certain important work will come to a halt due to bleak financial position. People will give you new hopes and dreams-but lots will depend on your own efforts. Romance will suffer today because of the bad health of your spouse. Journey undertaken for better career prospects may materialise. Take your parental permission before doing so otherwise they may object later on. A sparkling laughter filled day when most things proceed-as you desire.

CANCER – Money position improves as delayed payments are recovered. Loved ones might be annoyed if you do not spend time with them. Don’t worry like ice your sorrow will melt today. Adapt to new techniques to increase your work efficiency-Your style and unique ways of doing things will interest people who are watching you closely. You need to move out and rub elbows with people at high places. Your better half will caress your weaknesses. It will make you feel ecstatic.

LEO – Be secretive about your investments and about your future goals. Do things that will make you feel happy, but try to stay out of other peoples affairs. Romance on the card but sensual feelings may erupt which would spoil your relationship. Support from seniors as well as colleagues at workplace lifts your morale. Choose your words with care when interacting with important people. A stranger might cause tiff between you and your partner.

VIRGO – Be careful not to get roped into dubious financial deals. Keep appropriate distance from over friendly strangers. Eyes never lie, and your partner’s eyes will tell you something really special today. You will feel that your creativity has been lost and you find it extremely difficult to make decisions. Travel plans if any-might get postponed due to last minute changes in your schedule. There are fairly good chances that people around you will try to create differences in your relationship. Do not go as per the advice of outsiders.

LIBRA – You will obtain benefits from commissions- dividends- or royalties. is time for you to realise that anger is short-madness and it can force you to Wedding bells for some while others will find romance to keep them in high spirits. Do not enter into any joint venture- as partners will try to take advantage of you. Shopping and other activities will keep you busy most of the day. Today you will know the true ecstasy of being married.

SCORPIO – Don’t try to climb the stairs hurriedly as it could cause you breathing problem. Try to inhale and exhale deep breath in a quiet manner. A new financial deal will get finalized and fresh money rolls in. You will have difficulty in getting your point across to people who matter the most in your life. Love is just like spring; flowers, air, sunshine, butterflies. You will feel the romantic tickle today. The work you are doing today at office will benefit you in a different way in coming time. A spiritual leader or an elder provides guidance.

SAGGITARIUS – Today you can easily raise capital- collect outstanding debts- or ask for funds to work on new projects. Health of your spouse might cause some worry. Love life may be controversial today. If you take stress at work, it won’t cause harm to anyone else but you. Secret enemies will be eager to spread rumors about you. Rudeness of your spouse might keep you upset throughout the day.

CAPRICON – Financial position will improve through speculation or unexpected gains. You would forget your problems and spend good time with family members. Your mood might get perturbed because of the harsh words of your sweetheart. Someone at work might try to disrupt your plans- therefore keep a watchful eye to what is happening around you. Choose your words with care when interacting with important people. Relatives might become a reason of argument with your spouse today.

AQUARIUS – You must control your emotions to avoid unnecessary tension. Be careful who you deal with financially. Try not to say the wrong things at the wrong time-Be careful not to hurt the ones you love. Don’t waste your time in one-sided affair. Professional advancements for some. Avoid being too spendthrift if you go for shopping. Your spouse might act a bit crazy with you. Don’t let your patience get disturbed.

PISCES – Financial position will improve through speculation or unexpected gains. Family members will be upset with you because of your reckless behaviour. Don’t give into unnecessary demand of your lover. It is going to be a tough day; but patience and calm can win over every hurdle. A day when events will be good and disturbing-leaving you confused and tired. You might get to see a tough side of your spouse today.