ARIES –  Your smile will work like a trouble-shooter against depression. Certain important work will come to a halt due to bleak financial position. Health of an aged person in the family might cause some tension. Don’t clamor loud about love affair. If you believe that time is money then you should take necessary steps to reach your highest potential. Don’t make hasty decisions that you will regret later in your life. An external party might try to create differences between you and your partner, but you both will manage it.

TAURUS – Meditation and yoga should be practiced for spiritual as well as physical gains. You will make good money today- but try not to let it slip through your fingers. vitiate the family atmosphere. Don’t say some mushy things to your sweetheart today. You will suffer disappointment- as recognition and rewards that you were expecting- get postponed. Rituals/humans/auspicious ceremonies will be performed at home. Today, the tiff between you and your spouse might come to a halt just because of a good beautiful memory. So, don’t miss to remember the old beautiful days during a heated argument.

GEMINI – For a contented life improve your mental toughness. Involving yourself in large group will be highly entertaining- but your expenses will take an up-trend. Your careless attitude will make parents worry. You need to take them in confidence before starting any new project. You will have to forget the beloved as you confront with realities. Some good opportunities are likely to come to you if you keep an open mind. Rash driving and risk should not be taken while on the road. If you didn’t ask your spouse before creating any plan today, you might get an adverse reaction.

CANCER –  Your health will not be up to the mark. Visiting a doctor or taking medicines cannot be ruled out. Take sufficient rest later in the day. You will like to overspend on others. Children can cause some disappointment at school due to their lack of interest in studies. Change in romantic pleasure on the cards Success and recognition would be yours if you stay focused on your job. You need to remember that god helps those who help themselves. Your spouse might act a bit crazy with you. Don’t let your patience get disturbed.

LEO –  Smile as it is best antidote for all your problems. Explore new investment opportunities that come your way today- but commit yourself only after you have studied the viability of these projects. Short trip to the relative brings moment of comfort and relaxation from your daily hectic schedule Your heart beats will play the music of love in rhythm with your partner today. You could ruin your project if you are too open about your plans. Unexpected travel for some proves to be hectic and stressful. After many ups and downs in your married life, today is the golden day to cherish your love for each other.

VIRGO – Keep your disruptive emotions and impulses in check. Your orthodox thinking/old ideas hamper your progress-throttle development and create barriers to move further. Money position will improve later in the day. Organize an evening with friends as well as family members. Use your head in romance as love is always blind. Your partner will be hard to deal with. A day for cautious moves- when your mind would be needed more than your heart. The aggression of your spouse might become difficult to handle today if you didn’t pay attention at the right time.

LIBRA –  Take special care while sitting to avoid an injury. Further good posture not only enhances one’s personality but also plays an important role in improving health and confidence. Financial hassles seem to get over as your parents extend support. You will make new friends if you get involved in group activities. Without the company of your beloved you are likely to experience as blank as a The good mood of boss may make the entire environment at work quite happening. Some of you will undertake a distant journey-which will be hectic-but highly rewarding. You might face a tough time in your marriage today.

SCORPIO –  Dormant problems will surface bringing mental pressures. Investment should be avoided today. Family members may not fulfill your expectations. Don’t expect them to work according to your whims and fancies rather try to change your style to seize the initiative. You will be in the mood for love-and the opportunities would be plenty. Today you will be in the spotlight- and success is well within your reach. Today is one of those days when things will not move the way you want. Your parents might bless your spouse with something really wonderful today, which will eventually enhance your married life.

SAGITTARIUS .Building castle in the air won’t help you. You should do something to live up to family’s expectations. Today financial losses seem likely if you invest on the words of others. The problems of a friend could make you feel bad and worried. You may be overwhelmed by proposing as it unburdens you. Keep away from joint ventures and partnerships. Be original in your conversation as putting up an act would get you no where. Looks like, you are going to spend a lot of money today with your spouse, but will have a super-awesome time.

CAPRICORN – Discomfort may disturb your mental peace. Speculation will be hazardous- therefore all investments should be made with extreme care. Fashion a sublime rhythm in your life and learn the values of surrender and art of walking straight with love and gratitude in heart. It would make your family life more meaningful. Love is always soulful, and you will experience this today. With little obstacles-this seems to be a day of great achievements- Watch for colleagues who might tend to be moody if they don’t get what they want. Unexpected travel for some proves to be hectic and stressful. Rain is known for romance and you will feel the similar ecstasy with your life partner throughout the day..

AQUARIUS – You have to let go of the past if you wish to get out of the sentimental mood that grips you today. Put your extra money in a safe place that will promise you returns in times to come. You are best to avoid issues that could cause arguments with loved ones. You should avoid from using emotional blackmail on your mate. If you believe that time is money then you should take necessary steps to reach your highest potential. Watch out for individual who might try to mislead you or give you information that might cause you some harm. Neighbors might expose the personal side of your married life today among your family and friends in a wrong way.

PISCES –  Meditation would bring relief. Don’t overspend too much in order to impress others. Family obligations require immediate attention. Negligence on your part could prove costly. Love life could be little tough. Playing video games in office might cost you too much today. Travel undertaken for business purpose will prove to be beneficial in the long run. Today, you might stay stressed due to the health of your spouse.