Kheda District Police Project Yoga Prahari-2


17 members of Kheda Police Team succeeded in completing the challenge by doing daily pranayama for a month

Fitness is the main mantra for the police force who are working tirelessly in such challenging times during the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic.

To ease out this stressful environment Kheda district police chief Divya Mishra had implemented the project Yoga Prahari to keep the police personnel stress-free, fit and energetic through yoga and pranayama.  Under this project the challenge was to do pranayama compulsory by allocating ten minutes daily in any situation.

In the second phase of 30 days of this project, 520 members of Kheda district police team including district superintendent of police joined to accept the challenge. Out of these, 17 team members including SP have fulfilled the challenge of doing 10 minutes of daily pranayama by taking time between continuous duty hours. In addition, 64 more members of the team have not achieved 100% success but received special merit for meeting this challenge.

It had to be mentioned that the first phase of Project Yoga Prahari was held for 21 days and the Kheda police team participated in it with great enthusiasm and many of them completed it with success.

The project was aimed to increase the inner strength and immunity to fight against Covid 19 by performing regular pranayama once a day for 10 minutes. Pranayama can help in boosting the immune system and relieving stress.

This daily yogic practice can be a great relief in the challenge thrown by Corona constantly. That is why the District Superintendent of Police involved the members of the police team in this project to accept it as a challenge.

Kheda SP congratulated the police team for successfully completing the challenge as the police is committed to serve the people of the district with all their energy and enthusiasm.


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