Observe one day strike in respect of the soldiers.

Vegetable, fruit and flower sellers in Vadodara observed one day strike to pay their respects to the CRPF martyrs of Pulwama. They observed two minute silence and remember the martyrs with a prayer for their families.

The cowardly attack on the CRPF convoy at Pulwama is strongly condemn by everyone and all showed their solidarity towards the forces. Vadodara also not far behind and paid tribute to the martyrs with a demand for justice to the families.

On Tuesday 150 sellers from Sayajipura APMC and 800 wholesalers of Khanderao fruits, vegetables and flower market and Kadak Bazaar vegetable market observed one day strike in respect of the Pulwama martyrs. They observe two minutes silence and paid tribute to the soldiers.

Showing their solidarity the Hathikhana market, M.G. road, Mangal Bazaar and Choksi Bazaar also close down their shops for a day.



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