Kg students singing ‘Jan Gan Man’

By Sunil Sanatan Mohanty


With an aim to inculcate the feeling of patriotism from the start a group of people came together and made a video of our National Anthem where small kids sung ‘Jan Gan Man’ in their own voices. The idea is to teach them the feeling from the start barring any caste and creed.

The film was made by Wideangle Studios and supported by Global Knowledge International school where the small kids from junior and senior KG sung the National Anthem in their voices. The makers of the video kept the originality of the voices of the kids as it is to give the video a sense of feelings.

Directed by by Hima Patel the concept is to spread the message about the love towards your country needs to be so pure and by heart like this innocent children. Moreover the makers of the video took the muslim children in the video to spread the message about love for the country barring any caste and creed.


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