Navsari LIB’s PSI Nilesh Phanavia committed suicide. He was posted at point number 98 during the PM Narendra Modi’s program.

While the entire state police system was busy arranging Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s program in Kewadia, PSI Nilesh Phanavia, who was serving in the LIB in Navsari, was shot dead in the forehead.

He was there on duty in the passage of the VIP circuit house, saying that he had to click, took service revolver from a fellow PSI and shot him in the forehead.

After the incident, high police officials rushed to the incident spot. While serving in the Navsari LIB, Nilesh Phanavia was given the duty to settle at point number 98 in kewadia on Tuesday.

He was in charge of the VIP circuit house with PSI MB Konkani. At that time, he asked PSI Konkani to provide his service revolver to click a photo. Taking a service revolver, Nilesh Phanviya went to the garden next to the circuit house and shot himself in the forehead.

He was lying on the ground with blood all around the ground. A suicide note has been received from the suicide victim in which he mentioned that he has been accused and harassed by PSI and DSP, though police are still investigating the matter and further details are yet to come.


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