Kennel foundation Vadodara 1st Dog show in the city


Kennel foundation vadodara (Kfv) organise their 1st open all breed dog show (under the rules and regulations of KCI) in ONGC pavilion ground on Sunday. Around 35 different breeds of dogs were on display in the dog show.

The organisers said that its a national dog show where 35 different breeds of dogs were on display coming from all across India. The motto of this show is to aware the breed standards of the different breed in local dog lovers.

The organisers are promoting Indian breed like caravan hound / pashmina/ saluki would be come for the show. And the organisers set a special award for the Indian breed.

Smallest dog of the show is chihuahua, and largest dog is Great Dane. Many breeds are coming for the first time in the show in vadodara like Borzoi / Rhodesian ridgeback / Thai ridge back.

Other attractions in the show are Siberian husky/ Rottweiler/ mastiff/ Great Dane and many other breeds are coming for the show.

On the spot veterinarian is also available for checking the each dog before the show. Many dog food companies and pharma companies are also participating in the show. The organisers also put  proper facilities for the pets and exhibitors.



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