When students themselves took to streets to save their school then one can think how much their education suffers so that they decides to think about such a step. Around 350 students of Kawant highschool gives a memorandum to the Mamlatdar to save their school from turning into a commercial zone.

The trustees of the school kept aside the education part and turning the building into a commercial zone. For the past couple of months the trustees allowed the construction inside the school compound later to be used as commercial purpose.

The students of the school raised the objections many times and on Tuesday decide to gives a memorandum to the Mamlatdar in this regard. In their application they requested him to intervene and stop the construction inside the school which becomes a obstacle in their education.

The TDO also take serious note of the situation and starting the process to take action against the construction. “We have initiate the gram panchayat to take action against the illegal construction and send notice to the demolish it. If they not answering then the gram panchayat himself demolish the structure. It’s such a serious thing as guthkas and other things will be available due to this commercial structure and the students get addicted quite easily,” said Hasmukh Bhai TDO Kawant.



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