Brief them about the stay, study and challenges

Kanan International a trusted name in Vadodara organise a pre departure seminar for the students going to Canada on Study Visa. The main aim is to give information about the stay, study and the challenges they have to face during their stay in the country.

The pre departure seminar was attended by 184 plus students of the first batch of January 2019 intake. The parents also attend the seminar with their children to make sure they are in safe hands.

“We brief them about the stay, their admissions in government colleges and challenges they have to face like weather, enrollment, research based study after landing there. The seminar is to sensitise the students and the parents about the stay and make them ease out before the  education abroad,” said Manish Shah director Kanan International.

He also added that the students has fear in their minds after landing there so they make sure to get them connected with the college groups and the seniors from here. The networking make them feel safe and sound there and they can concentrate on their studies and later their careers. Manish Shah also said that Canada in one of the best destinations for the students to study and work.


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