National Safety Day 2021

Considered a distinguished award in the field of cardiology, “The Best Cardiologist of the Year (2017)” award has been recently bestowed upon heart disease specialist Dr. Kamaldeep Chawla of Sterling Hospital, Vadodara.

This distinguished award has been conferred upon Dr. Kamaldeep Chawla on 25-02-2017 at the hands of Shri Jagdish Tytler  and Shri Rajiv Mishra, Group Head ETV-TV-18. He was also honoured with a “Certificate of Excellence” and a “Trophy”. This is a matter of great pride and honour for the Sterling hospital family.

On this occasion, while providing his opinion, Dr. Kamaldeep Chawla informed, “This award is a matter of great honour and respect for me. In true meaning, this award is a symbol of honour for my service enriched with true feelings towards my patients.”

Hemant Bhatnagar, Centre Head, Sterling Hospital, Vadodara, informed that this is a matter of pride for us and we are happy that Dr. Kamaldeep Chawla has created a place in the hearts of the patients by way of his treatment in the field of cardiology.

Now when this happiness is being doubled up, we would like to extend our best wishes that Dr. Kamaldeep Chawla may obtain new heights in the field of treatment of heart disease and achieve unparalleled accomplishments as well.


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