National Safety Day 2021

During the Navratri, Shil village of Mangrol taluka of Junagadh district mesmerized the people at one time during the Navratri on the eighth night “Moghal Chedata Kado Naag” garba carrying 3 live snakes in their hands. But in the wake of the entire incident, RFO J S. Bheda filed a complainant and registered 5 offenses including 3 felony under the Wild Animals Act.

Nailash Joshi, the organizer of Navratri Garba, organized a rally at Sheetla Chowk in Junagadh. Snake catcher Juma Jamal Sati on the ” Moghal Chedata Kado Naag ” Garba taught children to catch Indian cobras, Rupundari snakes and Andhini chakra snakes in their hands.

The children were enchanted by the snake carrying a living snake in their hands and at a time when they were sleeping. At that time, the video of playing Garba, taking the snake in their hands went viral on social media.

A complaint has been lodged against 5 children against the three raised children in accordance with the Wild Animal Protection Act, 1972.

According to information available, the Forest Department’s primary investigation has revealed that two of his teeth were removed to prevent poisonous snakes to prevent any kind of harm.

On the basis of a complaint by the Forest Department, the court released both the organizer and the snack catcher to the court on bail. While 1 child has been sent to Juvenile Court and 2 children have been fined.


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