Everyone celebrate their birthdays with big parties and enjoying the day with their family and friends. However there are so many children who don’t even think of celebrating due to shortage of money. They somehow hide their emotions and waiting for the day when they also celebrate their birthdays with dear ones.This is where Nishita Rajput from Vadodara steps in and decide to give such children specially the girls a day to remember. The young girl starts a new initiative from Sunday where she decides to gift cakes to five girls on their birthday. Starting with the initiative she celebrate the birthday of 51 girls with equal number of cakes at Kamtibaug in the city on Sunday.

The joy was clearly seen on the faces of the girls dress up to the occasion. Nishita along with his father celebrate the moment and spread the happiness among the girls. She continue her mission from Beti Bachao Beti Padhao to Beti ko Khushiyan Do.“For the past many years I am paying fees for the under privileged and needy girls with one thought to educate them. Taking my mission further I now decide to give them the happiness they deserve specially on their birthdays. I decide to gift five cakes every day to the girls straight to their homes where they can celebrate their special day without any hesitation,” said Nishita Rajput.


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