John Abraham the macho man of bollywood  loves ‘Bombay’, so much that he explored it to the core. In a recent conversation with English Daily he shared his fond memories including the love for food.

Born and raised in the dream city the actor shared his experience about grew up here and lots of things he loves about Mumbai. He said to be remember the time when he wanted to eat Pav Bhaji he used to go Tardeo and for Dal Fry he would go to Olympia at Colaba Causeway.

The muscle man known for his perfect physique was a complete foodie and often on his favorite food joints. He also has a record of eating 64 rotis at a unlimited thali restaurant in Mumbai. He said he loves to explore Gujarati Thali joints and the record of 64 rotis is still in his memory.

John said he loves the culture and the old theatres he enjoy visiting. The city is combination of New York and Los Angeles and proud to be living in here.