J&K Police arrested militant from UP who worked for Lashkar


Jammu and Kashmir Police arrested Sandeep Sharma urf Adil, a suspected militant hidden in Lashkar terror’s house. Jammu and Kashmir’s IG Munir Khan said in a press conference that Sandeep, a suspected militant from Muzaffarnagar, conducted several attacks in collaboration with the Lashkar militants. Sandeep’s name was included in the bank robbery.

Sandeep Sharma was also involved in the murder of SHO Feroz Dar. SHO was killed on 16/06/2017. Sandeep attempt three terrorist incidents including the murder of SHO Feroz Dar. He was in the same house where the Lashkari took shelter.

Sandeep Sharma, Maner Shah and Shahid Ahmed had formed a gang together and had met the members of the LET. At the same time they all shared loot with LET in the bank robbery.



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