Studying electronics and communication in Bharuch college

Jilted lover turned out to be accused in the murder of 25 year old drama artist Prachi Mourya in Vadodara. The accused is studying electronics and communication in Bharuch college and recently broke up with Prachi after three years of affair. A 25 year old drama artist Prachi Maurya was found dead by the police behind Reliance mall at O.P. road early morning on Thursday. She was strangled to death by her ex lover Wasim Malek a student and son of a retired CISF Police Sub Inspector. After a six hours hunt the police teams finally caught him near the railway station.

“The victim and accused was in affair for three years and recently broke up. However the accused Wasim Malek get suspicious and jealous about her friendship with one Ankit a male artist in the drama company. On Thursday they had a heated argument over the topic and Wasim later strangled her to death. He attempt to kill her three times and finally used the dupatta to strangled her to death,” said Jaydeep Jadeja DCP Crime Vadodara.

The police team managed to caught him in around six hours into the crime when he was about to flee from the city. “Wasim is a student in Bharuch college and killed Prachi Mourya in jealously over her friendship with another one. We make teams to track down his location and finally zero in near railway station and caught him before he try to flee from the city. He don’t have any criminal history and committed the crime in a fit of rage after fight with Prachi,” said Jadeja.


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