To remove the fear of mathematics among the students and help them solve equations using simple tricks, the Jharkhand government has decided to commence the study of ‘vedic’ maths as a pilot project in 100 schools of Ranchi.

The concept will be introduced from the next academic session for which the Jharkhand Education Project has joined hands with a Delhi-based institution.

The Jharkhand Education Project has directed the District Education Officer to give the names of the schools in which the course will be introduced in the first phase.

Official sources said the names of the schools will be sent to the Jharkhand Education Project in March along with school details regarding number of teachers and students.

Once these names are received, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in this regard will be inked with the Delhi-based firm.

The Delhi-based institution will not only provide the study material to the schools but also training to teachers of the school for the subject.

In the first phase, the subject will be taught in classes 4 to 6 and the programme will be reviewed after six months. If the results are positive, it will be extended to other schools.

“Contrary to popular belief, vedic maths has got nothing to do with any religion. It is basically a concept based on 16 ‘sutras’ or, in the common language, tricks or techniques by the means of which questions can be easily solved.

“These ‘sutras’ are applicable to all the chapters and take less time to solve complex question. Even the complete syllabus of vedic maths can be completed in lesser time, compared to the mainstream maths taught in the schools,” an official from the education department told IANS.

“Research indicates that the students from Jharkhand have been found to be very weak in mathematics. The report says that only 42 per cent students studying in class 8 in the government schools can solve division problems,” the official added.

The concept of vedic maths is being currently taught across many states in the country which has helped to draw the attention of the students towards mathematics.

Even in countries like the US, Britain, and Australia, schools have opened which are imparting education regarding vedic mathematics.