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Jewellery trends for Navratri 2017

Jewellery trends for Navratri 2017

So when we hear Navratri – we start to imagine everything colourful and vibrant. With the occasion so bright, how can the outfits be dull! Being a girl born and brought up in Ahmedabad – I know the craze of getting ready differently in all the 9 days. You gotta look your best! Navratri has already been geared up, I thought of talking about something very close to each and every women out there – yes I’m talking about jewellery. This is something which we’ve always cherished.

But with the changing trends, it’s not necessary to indulge in everything that’s trendy. One should always go with the golden rule – wear what you like and what you think you can carry confidently. Earlier during navratri (like in 90’s) - we always used to wear oxidized jewellery. And guess what! We’re already seeing a huge comeback of the same – which few people now call it as ‘Bohemian’ jewellery. It’s trending everywhere now in different part of the country, but we’ve been wearing those since inception. I still remember, being a kid, how I used to go to different local markets here in my city, a month before navratri for sourcing all those big neckpieces and shining bangles (Well I still do it today too!)

Another big trend which has already made a comeback are - Tassels, Fringes and Pom-Poms. As they say, “Life is too short, to wear boring jewellery”. It’s time to revamp your wardrobe with everything – tassels, combinations of gold and silver, beads, stones or pom-poms and look more stylish. And these are not just limited to earrings, but you can add them to neckpieces, sandals, bangles, bags and everything you can think of. And do you know the best part of such jewellery & accessories? They blend with almost all the outfits. And navratri is I think the best time, to experiment with your looks and trends. It’s all about adding the statement pieces to your look, and that’s enough to make you stand out of crowd.

Well this comeback season, another trending accessory is choker. And needless to say, this is something which I would say is a must-have this season. Add chokers and layered neckpieces to your outfit, and you’re good to go!

But like I said, this is not the era where you just stick to a particular trend. You can mix and match your baubles, and create different looks each day. Find a pair of long earrings, stack of colourful bangles and a contrasting sling or potli bag, to keep your essentials.

Apart from all these, some trends just remain timeless. Maang-tikaas, kamarbandh and payals can be worn to add an unconventional twist.

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