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Jay Shree Ram slogans cheered in Ayodhya by Muslims

Jay Shree Ram slogans cheered in Ayodhya by Muslims

A Muslim forum reached here on Friday with a truck loaded with bricks to build Ram Mandir on the birth place of Shree Ram.

Muslim's Kar sevak along with local people reached here and cheered the slogans of "Jay Shree Ram" here, for the construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya.

The National President of Muslim kar sevak Azam Khan said, ram temple is motive of Muslim society and Ram Lalla will no more stay in tents. The construction of Temple will be the way of development for our country and it will fulfill the gap of hatred, more than 50 Muslim kar sevak reached Ayodhya.

People of Muslim kar sevak who reach Ayodhya for building Ram Mandir are from Lucknow, Gorakhpur. They gave message and said that "Lord Ram will no more to stay in "kripal" a grand temple will be build for them.

Azam khan pledged behalf of Muslim society and said that there faith in Muslim society in Lord Ram and Muslim's are invited in this construction work.

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