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Janmashtami & Independance Day celebrations at INIFD

Janmashtami & Independance Day celebrations at INIFD

INIFD Baroda celebrated a unique fusion of our Independence day and the festival of Janmashtami in their own special way. The students were dressed in fusion wear to celebrate both events.

Around 70 to 100 students took part in the fusion programme which was organised for the first time in the institute as this year both the festivals falls on the same day. The students wore clothes present the fusion of both the festivals. Like some wear Ghaghara Choli, Dhoti Kurta and others to enact Radha Krishna and some wear dresses like Tricolor turban, Chunri drap and others. The beauty of the event was the students celebrate both the festivals together.

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The events had beautiful song dance performances by the students on Janmashtami and Independence Day , a unique fusion fashion show with prizes for the best dressed male and female.

In the three hours programme the students enjoyed a lot.

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