Jambuva river flows dangerously, water enters inside villages


Heavy rains in the catchment area flooded the Jambuva river and the water enter inside the villages situated near the banks of the river. The villagers are in trouble after the river water entered the 17 villages and they were cut off from each other.

For the last four days due to heavy rains in the city and district the rivers and drains received inflow of water and Jambuva river also received the heavy inflow of water and is in flooded. The nearby villages Dhaniyavi, Alhadpura, Ratanpur, Sardarpura, Rustampura including 17 others were in trouble. Preparations were there for the people living in villages on the banks of Jambuva river along with the live stock to shift them to safer places.

As the water entered inside the villages the people are in fear and 17 villages were affected by the flood waters. The village sarpanchs and leaders were helping the people as administration is yet to reach there. The primary schools are closed down and the students studying outside and people going outside for jobs were also stayed inside their homes in view of the alarming situation.

There was about knee deep water entered inside the houses after the flood water from Jambuva river entered inside the villages. Fields and roads the water enters everywhere and the villages were cut off from each other. The vehicle movement is also affected due to the situation.

Dhadhar river is also flowing dangerously but in limit and the villages around it are also warned for not go near to the river. The villages near Mahisagar river were alerted and the government officials were also said to be on standby in view of the situation.



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