Jaghadia MLA Chhotu Vasava said they are not against Sardar Patel


Added the tribal protest continue against the government policies

Jaghadia MLA Chhotu Vasava said they are not against Sardar Patel but protest against the government policies. He further added that whole tribal population is against the unveiling of Statue of Unity as their rights were violated.

Addressing a press conference at Ankleshwar he said they are not against the statue but the rights of the local tribals are violated by the arrangement. The protest will continue in the coming days and we demand implementation of article 244-1 and 5th index. The rights of the tribals are violated by the Statue of Unity and the goverment is spending the money of the tribal people.

Former MLA Amarsinh Chaudhary said the people in tribal areas is involved in daily labour and the government is snatching their rights from them. They are protesting agaisnt the government policies and said if the goverment use the money spent on Statue of Unity in providing health and education the scenario is something different in the area.

He further attacked the government for cheating the locals in the name of employment. After the construction of Narmada Dam the local tribals still not get the compensation of 1300 crore as per the deal with them.

Mandvi Congress MLA Anand Chaudhary said there is no development in the tribal areas and they are victimised by the government. They are protesting against such policies of the government and demand their rights.


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