An Israeli ship that came under attack reached the Mundra port in Gujarat on Friday. The ship, owned by an Israeli company, was sailing under a Liberian flag when it was hit by a missile in the Arabian Sea.

The images show minor damage to various parts of the ship. Despite being attacked, the ship managed to retain its course and reach the Indian port.

The ship was en route to Mundra port in Gujarat from Dar Es Salaam when it drifted for about three hours after coming to a complete halt, according to a report.

However, neither the Israeli government nor the Haifa-based company that owns the ship has issued a statement in this regard as of yet.

Indian security agencies are also monitoring the matter closely.

However, the government of India is yet to issue an official statement in this regard. Damage to Israeli ship Mt Lori that was hit by a missile on its way from Tanzania to India .

In February of this year, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had blamed Iran for an explosion aboard an Israeli-owned ship in the Gulf of Oman.

The incident in question took place in the early hours of February 26 when a vehicle carrier was hit by a blast above the waterline. Authorities had told media outlets that the blast ripped holes on both sides of the ship’s hull.


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