For quite sometime there is a debate on Yoga and some people tried to dig differences between two communities by saying its ban in the Islam. However a group in Vadodara organise Islamic yoga specially for the women to make them aware about the benefits of Yoga.

Tasveer foundation in Vadodara organise the Islamic yoga for the women who reached there in good numbers. Wearing Hijaab the Muslim women from every age reached the center and took part in the yoga. The trainer taught them various asanaas of yoga and also aware them about the benefits.

The organisers also kept the privacy of the women and disallow any male inside the yoga session. “We told the participants to wear clothes as per their comfort and attend the session. The participants also came in good numbers and without thinking about the negativity attends the session and feel the benefits. We also aware them about the benefits of yoga and accept it as a lifestyle,” said Nasheta Bhaisahab organiser Islamic Yoga.

The special thing about the yoga was that Quran Ayaats is used in the whole session to taught the women. The participants also appreciated the concept and the various asanaas taught by International Yoga trainer Shabana Lalabhai including the benifits to them.

“I came to know about the yoga session and immediately register and participate in it. There is a need to remove the misconception about the yoga from our minds. Religion is nothing to do with it and yoga is about personal benefit. I feel refreshed from inside as yoga is all about meditation and teach you about time management. As we women have lots of responsibilities so its help us to fulfill it. Not only that nowadays its all about multitasking women and yoga taught you all,” said Kadsiyah Motiwala one of the paricipant.