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Is Technology Taking Us Closer to ‘Final Destruction’?

Is Technology Taking Us Closer to ‘Final Destruction’?

Is there any bookish definition of ‘final destruction’? How do you understand that you are near that and how technology is playing its part here? More than that, why technology is relating to ‘destruction’? After all, this is the boon of the modern era that has brought technology to you. From education to medical science, up in the sky to under the sea, it is only the technology that has penetrated at every part of the earth and found out the treasure it has stored for millions of years.

If you go on listing the benefits of technology, it will be a never-ending list. From school-level education to the corporate business sector, it is the only technology that has made life easier. Whether, it is the classroom project submission, or the video conferencing with your client on a different part of the world, technology has made everything possible. Then why talking about destruction? Obviously, there are certain reasons.

Technology Is Making People Alone

You must have seen young people are walking or sitting head-down, two earplugs are at their ears,or their fingers are busy in the running on the screen for playing games. They are not aware what is happening around them. Even if they are in a social gathering, they don’t feel free to mix up and rather, they look for a corner where they can be indulged into their smartphone.

Technology Snatching Job

There is no need to depend on human efficiency and skill when there are robots that can perform anything you program it to do within a fraction of seconds. This will save lots of money for the companies,and they can get the best end product which will only take the company to the top. But, there won’t be any warmth, dedication, competition, zeal to do something creative and so on. Employees are becoming jobless,and that lead to them to utter frustration and lots of other problems.

Technology Is Heading Towards War

Whatever other disadvantages of technology, can be handled or modified. But, how can you wipe out the tears of a baby who has lost his parents in a battle? Weapons are only leading the civilization to sheer destruction,and one day, there will be no one to live on this beautiful earth.

It’s up to you how to use technology. Technology is doing nothing harm, but it is the thought process and point of view of humankind that is leading to the ‘final destruction.’

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