Sony SAB’s romantic comedy, Jijaji Chhat Per Hain is set to take their viewers on a trip to space. This show has continued to make their audiences laugh with exciting and hilarious plot twists. While Elaichi (Hiba Nawab) continues to convince her father, Murari (Anup Upadhyay), to get her married to Pancham, the show has some unique plans for this mischievous couple.
The show and its distinctive characters have successfully created a special place by adding humor in their viewers. The upcoming episodes will bring a rather unique surprise for the all the viewers.
As per the latest plot a news has surface that someone from the commoners will get a chance to go to the moon along with the team of Chandragupt 2. Everyone is excited, especially Murari. Elaichi’s mischievous mind comes alive hearing this news and she starts hatching the next big plan to finally get her father approve of Pancham. Elaichi in order to get her plan into action, convinces the scientist from the Chandragupt 2 team that Pancham (Nikhil Khurana) will be the perfect candidate for the trip to the moon. Elaichi is now convinced that Murari will get Pancham and her married after his trip to space.
On the other hand, Pintoo starts laying the ground for Elaichi’s plan and shows concern for her relationship with Pancham. She is afraid that Pancham will forget her after he is famous. This strategically laid plan takes a different turn when the scientist informs Elaichi that they may not be able to take Pancham.
What will be Elaichi’s next move? Will Pancham really travel to the moon? The viewers will surely be on a laughter ride in coming episodes.
Hiba Nawab, playing the role of Elaichi said, “Elaichi is never short of plans and her mischief knows no bound. A very unsual opportunity has knocked Elaichi’s door and she is determined to make the best use of it. In the upcoming episodes, the viewers will witness Elaichi and Pancham’s hilarious banter and I’m sure all our fans will enjoy watching the episodes as much as we enjoyed shooting for them.”
Nikhil Khuarana, playing the role of Pancham said, “Pancham is completely thrilled to be the chosen one to take a trip to the moon. This is his chance to prove his merit in front of Murari and gain his respect. When I came to know about the storyline of the upcoming episodes, it excited me as it is derived from the happenings around us and given a comic spin. Stay tuned to watch if Pancham makes his way to the moon or not.”


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