The answer to the question is, partially yes, when speaking regarding %, it is yes for about 80%. Entertainment these days try to infest the idea in minds that evil is good and destruction attains the solution to any problem. We live in an age that is filled with millions of data,and there is less or no time to gain insights from the data.

Why is entertainment considered to be destructive these days?

It is a common idea that what we what for long or what we play for long has a psychological impact on us. For instance, the song we hear in the morning clings on to us for the whole day. In the same manner, what people watch on screen impacts them in the longer run.

Which type of entertainment is more destructive?

There are many modes of entertainment like TV, Cinema,etc., These modes and their problems have been discussed very much in the earlier times. Now there is a new mode of entertainment for many these days.

One can consider Social media platforms as an entertainment medium. It is a fact not to be ignored that many use social media platforms for entertainment by laughing at the memes or the posts made by others. Sometimes, those platforms which makes one laugh, makes one feel very worthless. The people see others doing very well in life by looking at their posts and statuses which make them wonder if they are leading a very dull and gloomy life.

One can never forget the recent Florida School Shooting that happened a few months back. The accused was a school goer who had recorded most of his activities on social media and considered it pride to post on the social media platforms.

The menace that was created by the Blue Whale game challenge that killed the lives of many teenagers is so sorrowful. The details about the game were spread through Facebook and other messaging apps like WhatsApp. The uncontrolled usage of this technology by the young people have corrupted their minds and created destruction all around.

What can be done to prevent these destructions from entertainment?

The modes of entertainment should be put under constant check. It is clear that the youngsters are the ones who are more affected out of these destructions. The parents should have an eye on the activities of the youngsters as the technology has gone beyond reach to control the external factors.


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