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Ion Exchange India extends support to industries affected by water crisis in Gujarat

Ion Exchange India extends support to industries affected by water crisis in Gujarat

Provides water management solutions from alternate sources

Gujarat is facing acute water shortage this year as the traditional sources dried up. In this hour of need now the focus is on to use the alternate resources for fulfilling the requirement. Experienced companies are now roping in to provide the solutions to the industries and others to opt for water management solutions from alternate sources.

Globally trusted for its water management solutions, Ion Exchange India Ltd, comes forward and extend their support to the industries in Gujarat faced with acute water supply shortage especially in Dahej, Ankleshwar, Zagadia and Panoli amongst others. The company urges the industrial sector to consider the use of water from alternate sources as a long term solution to the ongoing water crisis thus helping them become self-sufficient in their water requirements.

With a proven track record the company aims to use its advanced technology advanced and cost effective solutions to desalinate sea / brackish water, recycle industrial effluents for process utility and other applications and also to achieve its zero liquid discharge objectives. It also offers packaged and customized options for converting sewage into good quality industrial water.

Speaking about the company’s efforts to provide solutions, Mr. Ajay Popat, President, Ion Exchange (India) Limited said, “Ion Exchange India is a pioneer in water treatment and has been providing comprehensive wastewater and environment management solutions for over five decades. We truly understand and anticipate the needs for quality water management by industries, communities and municipalities. Thus we were the first company to set up manufacturing of indigenous RO membrane in the state of Gujarat in the late 1980’s followed by setting up of the country’s first sea water desalination plant in GEB Sikka way back in 1997”.

“Since then we have the largest number of installations to treat sea water in sectors such as refinery, cement, power, chemicals etc. Our emergency containerized RO system helped a very large petrochemical industry in Gujarat in meeting their requirements for high quality water, otherwise affected by ingress of sea water in their fresh water source. We have also set up a 30 MLD sewage treatment facility in Kutch region which has become an alternate source to municipal supplies for meeting water requirements of industries in water parched areas of Kutch. With modular and customized solutions, we have also set up the largest facility to treat industrial effluents for India’s largest oil refinery in Jamnagar, Gujarat. In addition to this we also have the largest number of references to recycle effluents and also achieve the objective of zero liquid discharge in industries such as – automotives, food and beverage, chemicals, textiles and cement to name a few.”

“Bearing in mind the ongoing water crisis, there is a need for the affected industries in Gujarat to use alternate sources of water as it will enable them to become self-reliant for their water needs. The solutions available are easy to maintain, sustainable, and can be customized as per requirements. We are positive that the sector will not just benefit from such solutions immediately but also in the long run.”

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