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Introductory exhibition of well known French artist Julien Claustre in Vadodara

Introductory exhibition of well known French artist Julien Claustre in Vadodara

Nearly 32 paintings on display

For the first time Vadodara will witness the work of French artist Julien Claustre. The exhibition is first time anywhere in India and showcase his 32 best works both in digital and Oil on Canvas.

Organised by Varso the introductory exhibition will showcase the work of Julien range from realistic to spiritual. He work on Oil on Canvas and has a deep relation with India after experience spirituality in the Himalayas.

His work ranges from representation to expression, an organic echo of the material, changing places and shapes, luminous and vibrant colors. Julien Claustre's emotional works, get its real dimensions in Paris.

Inspired by the experiences, Julien Claustre aims to interpret the delicate beauty that lies in each place and corner of the World.

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Julien Claustre, with his intuitive way to materialize space, articulates the time of a moving era by exploring the 21st century with a sensitive, controlled and expressive palette.

He delivers his poetic, subtle and lyrical motives through oil painting. Near the Himalaya, he had his first artistic creation, that aroused in him spirituality and the contemplation of nature. At 16, he joined the International Art School Émile Cohl.

During five years of training, he perfected his drawing techniques; he was then selected by the Bologne and Montreuil Art Fairs. Like the classical painters, he considers that the mastery of drawing constitutes an essential step to achieve freedom in the pictorial expression.

Then, in Hossegor, near the ocean where he decided to live for its range of authentic nature and luminosity, he deepened his skills in oil painting.

Now, settled in Paris since 2009, he has constantly questioned the established artists, in particular Cézanne, Matisse, Monet et Basquiat, to make his own way- the contemporary art way. He shares the view that the creation doesn’t exist without the knowledge of tradition.

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