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International Friendship Day and its significance

International Friendship Day and its significance

Friendship is one of the best relationships a man shares apart from what he shares with his family. There are indeed a lot of things which one can share with his friend more than his own family members. There are a lot of instances in life where we go ahead with our lives that sometimes we feel we don’t spend enough time with our friends. So, a day was commemorated to celebrate Friendship day.

UN announced July 30 as Friendship Day

The United Nations takes a lot of efforts to establish better relationships between people all over the world. To signify the bonding over a friendship, the United Nations announced July 30 as World Friendship Day. Though, friendship day is also celebrated widely around the world in the first Sunday of August. This was a culture which originated in the United States of America and it slowly spread to the other nations of the world.

How people celebrate Friendship Day?

Like how people celebrate any major festival in the world, friendship day is celebrated by exchanging sweets, gifts,and wishes.

Sunday is generally a holiday all over the world. The friends wanted to get together to meet and greet, so they chose to meet every year on the first Sunday of August.

There are a lot of events which are conducted at every place to celebrate Friendship.

Facts about International Friendship day

These are some of the astonishing facts about International Friendship Day.

  • July 30 or first Sunday of August

This is one of the common doubts that prevail in the minds of many. Whether July 30 or first Sunday of August the International Friendship day isis the first and foremost doubt. July 30 as Friendship Day was announced by Dr. Artemio Bracho. Whereas the Landmark cards started issuing friendship cards on the first Sunday of August. With the friendship day being celebrated across two different days, people would tend to celebrate Friendship Day for more than two days.

  • Third Sunday of September

A group of women in Tennesse in the USA decided to celebrate International Women’s Friendship Day every third Sunday of September. This day symbolizes the beauty of women's’ friendship.

  • Significance of February

The entire month of February is celebrated as International Friendship Month.

Friendships have risen all across the world with the advent of the internet. Different ways of celebrating have also taken shape. This is how one of the most significant days is celebrated all over the world.

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