Stage IV of the International Army Scout Masters Competition was conducted from 12 August to 13 August 2019 at Pokhran Field Firing Ranges. This Stage included timed reflex shooting practices by all Squads.

All participants demonstrated skills in the Small Arms Shooting Competition, which included Individual Firing Proficiency, breaching of Minefields and proficiency in close quarter battle with enemy forces.

This stage comprised of a qualifying stage of individual firing followed by a group stage wherein members of the squad crossed 25 meters of minefield by carrying out physical breaching of minefield followed by firing.

The results of the Fourth Stage are :

  1.  First position secured by India.
  2.  Second position secured by China.
  3.  Third position secured by Belarus.
  4.  Fourth position secured by Uzbekistan.
  5.  Fifth position secured by Russia.
  6.  Sixth position secured by Kazakhstan.
  7.  Seventh position secured by Armenia.
  8.  Eighth position secured by Sudan.


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