This is a inspirational story of Shivam Solanki from Vadodara who appear in his board exams without any help from writer. He lost both his hands and legs in a freak incident of electrocution but he attempt his exams putting his pen inside the socks. He wants to become a doctor and fulfill his parents dreams.

Residing in Vijaynagar in Baranpura area of city Shivam came in contact with the live wire after tried to catch a kite when he was 11 years old. His life suddenly turns and there is no option left for the family just to accept the destiny. His mother took the responsibility and gives him strength at every moment. She started to train him by holding the pen through her socks wearing in the hands.

Hansaben said that Shivam practiced hard and mastered it in the years. Such is his confidence that he write his own 10th board paper without the help of any writer.

She said Shivam always wants to be a doctor but the incident disheartened him. However she gives him strength at every walk of life and fulfill his dream. She feels proud of her son as he gives his exam without any writer.

Shivam said he never thought about writing with pen stuck inside the socks but his mother taught him the trick and that clicked. Now he is hopeful to fulfill his dreams of becoming a doctor.


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