Inspirational story of husband taking care of bed ridden wife for 25 years


Love has no boundaries and on this Valentine Day here is a story of a husband and his never ending love towards his bed ridden wife for the last 25 years. His wife is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and needs utmost care to live.

In today’s world where we see marriages ends as fast as it happens the story of Haresh Dodeja is a living example for everyone. The love story which starts about thirty years ago is still going strong in spite of illness of his wife who is bed ridden for the last 15 years.

32 years ago love blossoms between Haresh Dodeja and Manjitkaur Kundaliya from Rajkot. They both ran away from their homes get married in 1989 and start their new life. However everything was not good for them as Manjitkaur was detected Multiple Sclerosis which has no treatment.

“Before marriage my wife had symptoms of the disease but it was undetected as that time no MRI machine was available here. After marriage she worked for two to three years and in 1993 the problem increased after the birth of my son. In 1999 the problem deteriorates further and in 2003 she was totally bed ridden depending on us,” said Dodeja.

The strong bonding between the two gives strength to Haresh and he slowly changed his lifestyle accordingly. “I am working in a bank and to take care of my wife I changed my lifestyle accordingly. I adopt a girl and taught her the whole system of my house including nursing training to take care of my wife as a daughter. She is well settled in Vadodara now and even after marriage takes care of my wife like a daughter to her mother,” said Dodeja.

After so many years of care Haresh Dodeja still love her wife and don’t allow frustration to get inside his mind. “Sometimes I feel frustrated a little but the smile on my wife face is what gives me strength. He total body is still only the head is moving. Last one and half years ago she also lost her voice and the only thing that keeps me moving is her smile,” said an emotional Haresh Dodeja remembering the old days.

With so many years of love and care the couple is still together and gives true meaning to the day we called Valentine Day.


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